Search For Rental Offices In Beirut With These Tips!

Beirut is the economic hub of Lebanon, and if you are entrepreneur hunting for the perfect office space in the city, the options are endless. In this post, we will talk about the things that matter for comparing offices for rent in Beirut.

Your budget

Start with a budget for your new office, which is largely defined by the location. Before we talk of the location, it is important to understand your requirements. For example, if you are a growing business, you might need more space in months to come, so it makes to select a bigger office right away, so that you don’t have shift immediately.


Beirut isn’t a huge city in terms of area, so most of the locations are rather close to one another. However, if you want to stay close to the banks, businesses and international companies, Down Town should be an ideal choice. Achrafieh is also great, if you want to pay a tad less than Down Town. Please research on the area, keeping your business activities in mind.


The size of the rental property is one of the key elements for deciding the price. The best thing about Beirut is you can find any kind of office space you want. From something as small as 40 sqm to bigger spaces in Down Town measuring over 1000 sqm, the choices are many. If you can compromise on the size, you can save considerable money within the same area.

Go online

If you want offices and apartments for sale in Beirut, check the online sites. Real estate portals are extremely handy in Beirut and Baabda, and you will find updated listings, with pricing, area details and all other relevant points. Instead of hopping between places, searching online always makes more sense, because you can actually get better deals. Also, some of the online portals are managed by brokers, so they can search and find properties that are otherwise not listed with them. You can also rely on them for the negotiation. The prices of office rentals in the city are quite steep compared to other parts of Lebanon, but with real estate sites, you can simplify the process for sure. Just make sure that you mention the budget and location, so as to get specific services.

Finally, do consider your finances before renting an office. If you are a new business, spending a lot on rental isn’t the best idea, especially when one is not sure of doing business. Check online for more offices in Beirut.

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