Is Your AV Company Really Prepared to Meet Your Needs?

Choosing any long-term service provider to forge a relationship with can be a real challenge. And when you’re looking at AV companies more can go wrong than one might expect.

We’re talking about complex, expensive, high-tech equipment. We’re talking about scenarios where it’s all too easy to spend way too much money for not nearly enough in the way of results. How do you make the right decision for your company?

Here are a few questions you should ask before making any big commitments.

Does the company provide solid, creative, custom-designed solutions?

A good AV system isn’t just purchased or installed. They are carefully and intelligently designed. AV Engineers are just that, people who design solutions based on your facilities, budget, and everything you want the system to accomplish.

If an AV rep seems too eager to just start recommending equipment without asking enough questions you’re looking at a big red flag. The point is not to sell you the most expensive equipment on the market. The point is to get you a system which accomplishes everything you need to accomplish.

Do they hire in-house or use subcontractors?

It’s usually better to look for a company which maintains a full-time staff of installers, programmers, project managers and engineers. Subcontractors will never be as invested in your success as a team that’s committed to the company’s mission and whose members are held accountable by company leadership.

In-house staff also means you’ll be working with the same team later, when you need support, rather than struggling with your equipment on your own when the original installers disappear into the wind.

Speaking of which.

How much on-going support do you offer?

Ideally, your equipment will always run smoothly, but that’s not always what happens. Operators make mistakes, equipment gets damaged by accident, and in older systems, parts simply wear right out.

You’ll want the peace of mind that comes from knowing your AV company is always there for you. Whether the solution is a quick phone call or a visit from a service tech, you want to make sure you’re dealing with people who care about getting you up and running again fast.

Are you interested in developing a relationship with my business?

Your AV company should be in it with you for the long haul: through the upgrades, the service calls, and the various ways your organization’s needs may change. Don’t settle for a company that will ride off into the sunset. Your business deserves better.

April 2018
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