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The cash crunch is a serious problem anyone can face it anytime. CaptainCash is present 24×7 for those who are facing cash crunch with their quick loan facility. The fast cash loans from CaptainCashare a reality which can save you from any kind of problem with liquid cash. The process of applying for loans is extremely easy and hassle-free. There are no extra fees and the money will be approved instantly and reach your bank account in no time. Anybody can apply for the loans, who is facing monetary crunch for a short term. However, taking multiple loans is not recommended.

How does it work?

The fast cash loan provided by CaptainCash is real fast because one does not need a computer to apply for the loan, you can do it over the phone as well. The customer care associates are ever ready to make the process simple and user-friendly. The best part about applying cash from them is that they do not check credit records. Whether you have good credit record or a bad one, it does not matter because they won’t check the records. This makes it easy for many people who did not have the time to establish a good credit record or have somehow failed to setup a good credit score. You can easily get approval for the cash loan.

The applicant can sign on the e-secured signature platform easily which saves a lot of time and energy on their part. You can also renew your loan amount if you require more cash. The annual percentage rate is higher than a bank which is between 28 and 32% but cash will be approved instantly. There will be a nominal transaction fee when you apply for the loan. Customers can renew their loans in case they are unable to payback in due time.

Last but not the least

The payback period can vary between 90 and 120 days depending on payroll frequency. Quicker payback is also allowed which will also save your interest. The screening process will ensure the borrower earns enough to pay the money back. They will check for excessive amounts of loans and also for salary. If you meet any of these, you might be denied the loan. The company used responsible ways to collect the amount in case you fail to pay repeatedly. Terminated payments will also accumulate interest on the outstanding amount. The company will take legal action in case the money remains uncollected.

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