Divorce and Temporary Protection Order (TPO’s)

A court has the ability to issue a TPO (temporary protection order) to safeguard individuals from being harassed and stalked. Inside a divorce proceeding, a legal court might also grant a TPO to some spouse, spouse, when the spouse has underwent cases of domestic violence.

Domestic violence isn’t simply based on assault perfectly into a spouse or child. It requires a variety of forms. In Nevada, what the law states provides that the court may issue a TPO on the current or former spouse whether it finds proof of:

Sexual violence

Child abuse



Threats of assault


There are many TPO’s that the court may issue. First, you are able to make an application for an urgent situation protection order. This application should be made while your partner continues to be in police child custody after being charged with a domestic violence incident and it is effective for seven days. A brief protection order can also be requested whether or not there’s an arrest and it is effective for thirty days. Finally, you are able to make an application for a long protection order, which may last for as much as twelve months. Should you make an application for a long order, a hearing is going to be scheduled. Your partner should be notified and it has the authority to attend the hearing. It’s also essential that you simply attend the hearing or even the TPO is going to be ignored.

The court can rule on numerous issues when granting a TPO. Your partner could be purchased to steer clear of your house, workplace, or perhaps your child’s school or daycare, or other relevant place. Your partner may also be purchased to not contact you by means of telephone calls, through a 3rd party for example buddies or family, and email. Your partner could be avoided from destroying your home, assaulting you and your children, and harassing you by any means. The judge might also order your partner to depart the marital home, assign charge of accounts along with other products that you simply share, in addition to temporary child custody.

Every scenario is different so if you’re unclear about regardless if you are titled to some TPO you are able to contact the household Violence Intervention Program found in the Clark County Family Court. Applications have the freedom and advocates exist to help you. They can’t provide legal counsel, however they will help you using the application.

A brief protection order is made to safeguard individuals from domestic violence before, during, after the divorce which matters are taken seriously. A legal court won’t tolerate false or exaggerated accusations of domestic violence to be able to gain some kind of advantage inside a divorce or child custody fight. Should you require a TPO, or you’ve had a TPO wrongfully issued against you, it might be to your advantage to see a Vegas divorce lawyer familiar with these legal matters to safeguard you legal rights.

The personal protection order is the commonest form of protection given to the citizens of Singapore facing violence at home. As per the order, the violent member is restricted from any further violence and if the order is violated, the member can be severely punished.

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