Best Internet Cafes in Richmond Hill, Ontario

Below is a list of some of the best internet cafe in Richmond Hill, Ontario

  1. Super Tech:

Supertech is a lounge and internet café in Ontario; it has got a large array of games (PC and board games) with awesome drinks and food. These games will bring laughter and happiness to your friends and family.

  1. Zanzone eSport Club , 葩葩网咖

Zanzone offers a comfortable gaming environment and the best model of PCs in the industry for its members. With the recent inclusion of an in-house home kitchen, it can pass for your best stop for online gaming and board games. Zanzone e-sport club provides services which include lounge café, computer renting, food and drinks, and VIP private room. The club focuses on offering the best services to game lovers of e-sport.

Zanzone club was established in 2017. The owner of  葩葩网咖 has been a long time online game lover. Naturally, he is completely enticed by the fast growing e-sport scene.

In the last few years, e-sport gaming has been fast growing all over the world. However, the industry is not completely developed in Canada. For this reason, it has become the mission of the owner to develop an environment where rising pro gamers can practice and develop their skills and perhaps someday bring an e-sports team to Canada.

Here is the direction to Zanzone eSport Club:

Zanzone eSport Club 葩葩网咖

Suite P1 – 10 505 Hwy 7 East

Thornhill, ON

L3T 7T1


  1. Game Station 28 South Unionville Ave, Unionville, ON

On canpages website, Game Station is a company classified within the internet café category. Put a call to 905-946-0666 to get in touch with a Game station located within your neighborhood. You can simply add the company to your personal business favorites list.

  1. Turbo Internet Café – 2-5171 Yonge St, Toronto, ON:

Turbo Internet Café is located at 2-5171 Yonge Street, Toronto. This café is an enterprise part of the section for internet cafes on the online directory of You can put a call to 416-587-0703 to contact Turbo internet Café within your environment to do business with them. You can also add the enterprise to the business favorites section at the base of the website’s page.

  1. Invictus Game Station – 250 Sheppard Ave E, Toronto, ON

Invictus Game Station is located at 250 Shepherd Avenue E in Toronto. On the online directory of, it is a merchant part of the internet cafes section. Kindly call 416-855-7676  to speak with a representative of Invictus Game station that is within your locality, or simply add Invictus Game Station to your business favorite at the base of the website page.

  1. Infiniti Cafe – 3030 Don Mills Rd, North York, ON

Infiniti Café is situated at 3030 Don Mills Rd, North York. It is a company in the internet café section of the online directory of Call 416-496-0222 for business interest with any infiniti café that is close to your vicinity. You can simply add this company to your personal business favorite below the website page.

  1. Star Net Computer Games – 4002 Sheppard Ave E, Scarborough, ON

Star Net Computer Games is located at 4002 Sheppart Ave E in Scarborough, Ontario. It is an enterprise among the internet cafes category of the website.

Do not hesitate to call 416-298-9036 to speak with any Star Net Computer games in your area. You can also add this enterprise to your personal list of business favorites.

Feel free to call 416-298-9036 to get in touch with Star Net Computer Games that is in your neighborhood. Or, simply add this company to your personal business favorites list.

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