BBQ Delivery Services: Things Worth Knowing!

Have a party at home? Want to organize a gettogether for the entire family over the weekend? Instead of going for a full-service caterer, you can get one of the BBQ delivery options. As the name indicates, these are caterers who deliver food that’s ready to be served at a time and venue of your choice. Here are some quick aspects.

Why BBQ delivery?

In case you have a relatively small event, full-time catering doesn’t really make sense. Think of birthdays, anniversaries or parties, where the guest list doesn’t extend beyond 50 people. Also, full-time caterers are expensive, because they do a lot more than just offering food. You can get dessert station, passed appetizers and even bar services, and will have a bunch of servers to take care of your guests, but all of that is hardly required for smaller events. BBQ delivery is cost-effective, and you can order everything that you need – cooked meats, desserts, and more.

What to expect?

Every caterer is different and so are their BBQ delivery services. Typically, delivery includes all the disposable ware, like plates, serving ware, napkins, knives and spoons, which are required to serve your guests, besides the food of course. Some caterers also offer chafing dishes along with the delivery, and you can also request for special sides and beverages too. The good thing is you can book your order three days prior to the event, so there’s no rush. Caterers can take last-minute orders, but that’s usually based on the number of bookings they have on that day. Usually, delivery is free for big orders, but it is subject to certain terms and conditions. If you want to have a server to help you around, you can pay for that additionally.

Quick tips

Before you select any BBQ delivery caterer, check what they have on offer. At the end of the day, BBQ food is all about the right mix of meats and specialties, and you must have more choices for deciding the menu. Secondly, always go for a known and reliable service. That way, you have lesser chances of going wrong with the food or the delivery, even if the price is a tad higher. Don’t shy away from asking what’s included and what’s not, and if the party is at home, you can reduce the use of disposable ware –  After all, we all are doing our bit to reduce waste.

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