An Overview on The Repair Cost of Pier and Beam Foundation

The actual repair amount for fixing the foundation of beam and pier depends on the materials that are actually required for repairing them. Sometimes, the steel shims of 1/4th inch can do the magic of holding the girder beams that are installed under your home, whereas sometimes you might have to take help from the concrete pier or even the pilings to completely reconstruct the beam and pier foundation of your home.

Advantages of Installing Beam and Pier Foundation

The position of concrete piers will be usually positioned around 18 to 24 inches above the ground level of any house. The pier and beam foundation is actually the construction that is designed using wooden blocks and will be positioned above the concrete piers. Before 1960s, concrete was never used in designing the foundation of the house. It was after this year that builders started including concrete piers also in the construction.

The foundation that is placed below the house allows enough space for the construction company employees to easily crawl under it and take care of the repairs in the foundation. The space even helps easy access of plumbing lines or even electric lines that run under the house, during repair or even replacement procedures.

Disadvantages of Beam and Pier Foundation

With advantages comes the disadvantages is a common saying. There are some disadvantages that are associated with beam and pier foundation.

The foundation is usually made with the help of wooden blocks and is then placed above the concrete piers. There are higher chances of the wooden blocks developing mildew, moulds or even getting rotted over time, because of the accumulation of dampness in them. When this happens, the unnecessary developments will usually end up with damaging the whole foundation structure of the house.

Actual Repair Cost of Beams and Piers in the Foundation

Sometimes the damages in the foundation can be fixed with the replacement of some wooden blocks here and there. It is when the damage in the blocks such as mildew development, dampness, mould formation, etc, are detected as early as possible. If the damage persists for longer time duration without being checked, then there are higher chances of you spending more for the construction repair, than the required amount.

Instead of deciding everything on your own, it is suggested to take some advice and ask for quotes from few construction companies in your locality. Only an expert advice can guide you to proceed further with the foundation repair plan.

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