A Guide to Buying and Setting Up Hidden Security Cameras

At times, you need a hidden video camera so that you can record something discreetly or secretly. It could be that someone has been snooping around your things – you either need to find who it is or collect evidence to confront the culprit. These come very handy in cases of disputes where they can be used to record certain events that help in avoiding wrongful allegations or custody or divorce cases.

There are many instances when you feel the need for hidden security cameras. Since the incident you want to capture on it should not be seen others, these cameras need to be concealed. They must either blend in with the background or must be hidden in something and be unobtrusive.

Here are some ways to conceal security cameras.

Pick the Right Hiding Spot  

The most important thing is to find the right spot to place the camera so that it is not easy to find. Anything that is very much a part of the surroundings is the best bet as it doesn’t arouse any suspicion. You can use the deep recesses of a bookshelf, an artificial plant or a vase to place it where people are least interested to look into.

Get a Professional Surveillance Camera

Companies manufacture specific cameras for specific purposes. If you want a camera specifically designed for recording something discreetly, opt for a high-end surveillance camera. They are designed for that very purpose and thus require no extra effort to make them invisible. They can easily fit into charge adapters, lamps, alarm clocks etc. It’s important that you buy a good quality camera. Branded cameras like the ones from Hikvision will be your best bet as they are devoid of backdoor issues and come with a cybersecurity hotline and regular security updates, which are important aspects to consider.

Focus the Camera Properly

Ideal placement won’t be the solution on its own if it is not focused at the right area. The camera should point in the direction where the action will take place and thus record the incident properly. For instance, if you suspect that someone is entering your room and messing with your things, pointing it at the entry door will help you figure out the culprit. If you want the entire sequence of things to be captured, then you need to set the camera far back so that the lens captures a wide view of the room. If the room is big, then you might need more than one camera to cover it entirely.

These days. hidden cameras come loaded with many advanced features like night vision, Wi-Fi connectivity, motion detectors etc. You should buy one as per your requirements.

October 2018
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